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MPC Expansion - Modern Pack V1 Import
Today I want to start a small series of reviews that deals with expansion of the MPC Live / MPC X. In my article ” MPC Expansion ” I have already raised the issue. Especially in standalone operation, an expansion is very well suited to a variety of instruments (keygroups) to import, even without a computer or VST plug-ins in the MPC. At the end of each Reviews you can listen to a demo beat that was made with the respective expansion.

unzip and install expansion

In this review I use the Modern Pack V1 MPC of It includes 218 modern sounds such as Trance, Electronica, EDM and Ambient (chords, leads, pads, plucks and drums sounds.). They are uA for electronic music. Creativity is of course no limits. The expansion is 1.64 GB in size and comes as a .xpn – file (zip packed). After downloading (the download link will be sent after purchase), I unzipped the file and imported into the MPC software. For this, a simple drag and drop the file goes into the software. You get a small window where you click on “import” to start the installation (see picture above).

Now I was able to use the expansion directly to tinker it a little demo beat. The structure is very clear, there are programs and samples. The programs include a short demo sequence whereby one can sample hear the sounds.

MPC Expansion - Modern Pack V1

MPC Expansion – Modern Pack V1

MPC expansion in the standalone MPC Export

In the next step I could with the menu Tools / Expansion Manager select the new expansion and export to the standalone MPC. The process took a while because it is quite a lot of sounds that were transferred there. An uninstall of installed expansion is also possible in place.

MPC Expansion - Standalone export

MPC Expansion – Standalone export

Here you can see the Export menu where you can select the appropriate expansion. Above the storage medium is (in my case the SD card on the MPC Live) selected and subsequently exported.

MPC Expansion - Export / Standalone

MPC Expansion – Export / Standalone

The Modern Pack v1 has been selected here and export to the SD card of the MPC Live started. Depending on the size of the process takes accordingly.


MPC X / image:

MPC X / image:

MPC Live / image:

MPC Live / image:


Expansion successfully exported to the SD card

Expansion successfully exported to the SD card

Once the process is complete, the message “Expansion Export Success” appears. the expansion can now also be used without a computer to the stand-alone devices MPC Live and MPC X.

Here is the demo beat, I made short for this expansion:

Conclusion: The expansion Modern Pack v1 by offers a wide range of sounds that can be used very easily in your own songs. The installation is very simple and you can – thanks to the new firmware and software MPC – also use them standalone. In there are now many interesting packages (including Ableton Live, electron and Reason) offered relatively cheap. A payment is done by Paypal. About your comment, I would be very happy.

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