Is there a preview of programs on Wavethings MPC products?

Yes. All products contain a folder with preview of the programs compatible with MPC hardware and software. Normally it is limited to a single shot of the note C3 or C4. In order not to do this unpleasant the shots are limited in time and contain a Fade Out.


Do I have to pay for the full product if I already have it in another format?

No. If you have purchased one of my multiformat products and you want to buy it in a different format, contact me and I will send you a discount for the form that you want.


Some programs have sequences, at what speed are they recorded?

Usually at 125bpm.


Are the products for Elektron Octatrack compatible with MPC Live / X?

Yes. The products for Elektron Octatrack are compatible with the Chop function of the MPC Live / X devices. Individual samples are also included to organize as you wish.


What includes the products for Elektron Octatrack?

The products for Elektron Octatrack include the sample chains plus a file with cutting data ready to use. So, just load the sample chain, you’ll have the slices ready.
Independent samples are also included so you can organize your work as you wish.


What program do I use to decompress the products I have bought?

I use WinRar to compress. It is the safest tool that gives the best results. If you use Mac you can use Rar.


Can the products purchased in Wavethings be returned?

Of course. But you must comply with what is described below:

– Not having downloaded the product
– That no more than two days have passed since the purchase.

The first reason described is part of the anti-piracy law of the European Union. Once the product is downloaded, it is understood in full possession of the buyer and the buyer loses the right to claim the return of the total or partial amount of the purchase.
If your purchase contains several products, you can return those that you have not yet downloaded.
For any return you just have to contact me, communicate the order number and what products you want to return. I will study the case and if you comply with the rules, the money will be returned.


How long does it take my money to be back?

This depends on Paypal and your bank. It is usually between 10 or 20 days. I can not do anything with this.


Can I claim Paypal if I do not like the product and want to return it?

Of course. But Paypal must comply with the law in Europe like everyone else. The process is very simple. Paypal will send me an email with the customer’s claim. I will send to Paypal the information of your order, among these it is specified if it has been downloaded or not and consequently the law will be applied.


Do you have any more questions?

Use our contact form and ask what you need.

OS X users may suffer failures when decompressing our files. We advise the use of Keka or Rar for Mac to unzip the files. Dismiss