Electric Grand MPC


26 keygroup base in 4 sizes:

  • XXL for detailed pieces.
  • L to save some space.
  • M if you are running out of Ram.
  • S for background pianos that do not need great detail.
  • XXL consists of 148 samples per program, more than 200mb per program, sampled in 4 speed layers every 2 semitones.
  • L also contains 4 layers but sampled every 4 semitones.
  • M is the same as L but sampled every 6 semitones.
  • S only contains the layer with the strongest samples.
    The collection covers 26 different sounds ready to use. You can control the reverb by adjusting the release control.
    No more effects have been added.
    The package contains the XPM and Wav files at 24bits. XPN file not included due to compatibility problems. The product image is attached so that each user compiles the expansion in XPN format.



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